COMING UP – 13.02.2016

Saturday has come back round again and that means I am back on Brooklands Radio!

Today’s show is quite simply full of stuff – just the way we like it – but with a bit of a bittersweet announcement too.
THE RUNDOWN (as always, interview times are subject to change*)
3:30pm – The return of ‘The Guilty Pleasure’ and talk of a new feature coming soon…
4:05pm* – JP talks to Jo Garofalo, an amazing woman who is behind the ‘Voice in a Million’ concerts.
4:3opm – This week’s Weekend Guide (events for lovers and singletons).
5:00pm – Olivia joins JP in the studio for a big announcement.
5:30pm – Crack the Connection is back!

Also coming up today: we talk about this weekend’s Six Nations fixtures, JP brings you the latest Surrey travel and we trawl Twitter for trends and stories of the time!

See you at 3!

JP 🙂


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