COMING UP – 12.03.2016

Hey all,

Happy (but very foggy) Saturday to you! It’s another weekend and therefore, it’s SHOW TIME! 🙂JP at BR Studio.png

I am on air from 3pm again today with a very busy show, full of fun and features.

At 3:30pm, I will be talking live to Ciara Lawrence, a friend of the station, who will be talking about ‘Disabled Access Day’ and updating us on her time with Mencap.

At 4:30, the Weekend Guide will be back with more gigs, films and local events – today linked with the lovely Amber Evans from Muddy Surrey and Disabled Access Day.

Then, it’s back at 5:30pm, we will be playing Crack The Connection once again! Three songs, one link and one prize.

Also throughout today’s show, we will be chatting about the launch of the new Guildford Hub with the wonderful Jo McGowan, lots of sport with the FA Cup and (more importantly) England v Wales Six Nations match, some of the freshest news stories from around the world and a live Periscope session throughout the show too.

Pound for pound, the busiest show on the station today! So tune in at 3pm for JP’s Countdown To Saturday Night.

See you then 🙂 JP


COMING UP – 05.03.2016

Hey all! 🙂
Saturday is here again – come around quick, hasn’t it?
This week is a ‘Future Starz’ week which means there is just 2 hours on today’s show, 3-5pm. But there is still plenty coming up!

At 3:30pm, we will have this week’s Guilty Pleasure song, especially for a Mum (it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, remember!)
At 4:30pm, we have a special Mama-themed ‘Weekend Guide’ to give you some ideas on how to treat her.

Elsewhere in the show, we discuss the week’s Twitter trends, some local events coming up and we look at some of the weirder stories in the news.

All of that and more from 3pm 🙂 See you there!